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Emo doesn't mean you have to exaggerate your emotions. You need to feel exactly what you feel and nothing more when you're emo.

Click on another answer to find the right one Layering is a large part of the emo culture, even with jackets. Try a vintage band T-shirt with a black, tight-fitting jacket on top.

Pick another answer! Emo girls can pull off a slim-fitting skirt with dark leggings underneath. You can also swap the leggings for dark-colored tights.

Guess again! Loose and baggy pants are typically not the best for an emo look. If you're always pulling up your pants, you won't have the classic emo style.

Try again! It's perfectly fine to include bright-colored accessories in your outfit. Emo doesn't mean you can only wear black.

You can experiment with small and bright pieces like a bracelet or color on a T-shirt. That's right! A classic emo hairstyle uses side-swept bangs that are shaggy.

The side part of the bangs should slightly hang over one eye. Most emo hairstyles use layers, not one length.

Try long layers on both sides. Most emo hairstyles incorporate long bangs, not short ones. If your hair is too short to make long bangs, try focusing on layers or dyeing streaks of color in your hair instead.

True or false: If you're emo, you should spend almost all of your free time alone. Being emo doesn't mean you have to become a loner.

You can still hang out with your trusted friends and family when you feel up to it. You can still hang out with friends and family when you're emo.

However, you might feel emotionally drained faster than other teens, so you should learn to recognize when you need alone time.

The most authentic way to be emo is to listen to emo music — typically punk songs with emotional lyrics. Additionally, to be emo in middle school, dress in layers and wear dark clothing, skinny jeans, and flat shoes.

Paint your nails with dark nail polish and wear heavy eyeliner and mascara. If you can, use temporary dye to add streaks of red, purple, blue, or green to your hair.

If not, get a haircut with long bangs to show your emo side. Keep reading to learn about the history of emo music!

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Learn why people trust wikiHow. Explore this Article parts. Tips and Warnings. Related Articles. Article Summary. Part 1 of Learn what it means to be emo.

Before you can become emo, you have to understand exactly what it means. While music, clothing, hair, and makeup can play a large role in being emo, being comfortable with your feelings and expressing them is the most important part.

Listen to the music. The common trait in emo music, though, is always emotional lyrics. Some early emo bands that helps establish the genre in the mids include Rites of Spring, Embrace and Dag Nasty.

Most of these bands have moved away from their emo pop roots [3] X Research source so listen to their early work if you're looking for this particular style.

Bear in mind this is what's known as emo today when really, emo refers to the emotive hardcore sub-genre. Emo pop is a fusion of emo and pop punk.

Decide if it fits your personality. Instead, think about whether the culture really fits with your personality and interests.

Be true to yourself, and your real friends will respect your choices and interests. Part 1 Quiz What is the most important part of being emo?

Listening to emo music. Wearing emo hairstyles and makeup. Expressing all of your feelings. Being overly emotional. Want more quizzes? Keep testing yourself!

Part 2 of Choose dark clothing. While the emo look does sometimes include pops of bright colors, it is usually made up mainly of dark shades.

Black is an obvious choice, but your parents may not want you to wear head to toe black. Instead, work some other dark colors, such as navy, eggplant, and forest green, into your wardrobe to go along with black.

Ask them if you can buy black and other dark colored clothing if you earn the money for them yourself. You might babysit, mow lawns, or do extra chores around the house to make the money you need.

While black and other dark shades are the main color palette for emo clothing, you can work some small bits of bright color into your look.

For example, you might wear a black tee shirt that features artwork with some red and white touches, or you might add a bright blue studded bracelet to an otherwise dark outfit.

Opt for skinny jeans. Instead, both girls and guys should opt for skinny jeans that fit closely to the body. Girls can also go with slim-fitting skirts, and pair them with dark tights or leggings underneath.

Skinny jeans that feature rips, tears, or studs are perfect when you want to dress emo. Dress in layers. Another common trend in emo fashion is dressing in layers.

In most cases, that means wearing a tee shirt under a hoodie. You can also swap the hoodie for a denim or leather jacket or layer a short-sleeve tee over a tight long-sleeve tee to mix up your look.

Solid hoodies in dark colors work well for an emo outfit, but you can also opt for patterned jackets. Skulls, stripes, stars, and checkerboard designs are all ideal emo patterns.

Keep your shoes flat. For an authentic emo look, forget about wearing any shoes with a high heel. Instead, wear flat shoes -- that can be any flat tennis shoes, boots, or slip-on shoes that you are comfortable in.

However, the most common type of flat shoes in emo fashion are Converse or Vans style tennis shoes. Patterned tennis shoes also work in emo fashion -- try a checkered or striped design.

Part 2 Quiz What type of clothing should you avoid when you're dressing emo? Layering T-shirts with jackets. Slim skirts with leggings. Baggy black jeans.

Bright-colored accessories. Part 3 of Polish your nails with dark shades. Just as with your clothing, you should avoid bright or light colors when it comes to your nail polish.

Black is the obvious choice, but if that feels too extreme for you, you can go with navy blue or even a dark red. That actually works with the emo look.

Load up on eyeliner and mascara. Another staple of the emo look is a heavy, dark eye makeup. You can achieve the look by applying a lot of black eyeliner -- use a pencil to line your upper and lower lashlines and then use a cotton swab to smudge it slightly.

Finish off with a couple of coats of mascara to make your eyes look a little more dramatic. Get a haircut with bangs. To make sure you get the right style when you go to get your haircut, bring a couple of photos of emo hairstyles that you like to show your stylist.

Use temporary hair dye. While the clothing, accessories, and makeup are usually dark, one place that bold color does often show up in the emo look is the hair.

Streaks of bright pink, purple, blue, and green in your hair can give you the perfect emo look.

Temporary dyes eventually wash out, but the length of time that it takes depends on the product. If you parent are still reluctant to allow you to use even temporary dye, you can purchase clip-in hair extensions in bright colors so you can put in some bold streaks for day and easily remove them.

Part 3 Quiz Which example is part of a classic emo hairstyle? Shaggy bangs that hang over one eye. Hair that is all the same length. Short and spikey bangs.

Part 4 of Get in touch with your emotions. Name your emotions as you experience them, and allow yourself to fully feel them.

For example, you might be annoyed after a friend is late to meet you, mad when your sibling calls you names, and fuming when someone at school spreads a false rumor about you.

Try to identify the full range of emotions that you feel from day to day. At the end of each day, jot down the emotions that you felt and what caused them, so you can start to understand them better.

Express your emotions. Try to find a creative outlet to express your emotions. Depending on your interests and talents, that might mean writing, drawing, painting, singing, or dancing.

Find the most satisfying way to express how you feel, and do it regularly. If you want to use art to express your feelings, draw or paint a scene that makes your emotions visual.

If you enjoy singing and dancing, you can use the music of your favorite emo bands for inspiration.

Take time for yourself. Emo teens tend to be introverted, which means they are drained by social interactions with other people.

Spending time alone also gives you more time to get in touch with your emotions and engage in creative pursuits, such as writing and drawing, that allow you to express your feelings.

Part 4 Quiz True or false: If you're emo, you should spend almost all of your free time alone. True Nope! False Yup! Emo guys often wear eyeliner and mascara.

Some also wear nail polish. Not Helpful 62 Helpful Your race doesn't matter when you want to be emo. Not Helpful Helpful For example, it would be a very long process to get to blonde from black.

Get side bangs. Bangs are part of the typical emo style. Instead, they should be side bangs that pretty much cover half of your face.

Having trouble seeing through your bangs may be a problem during class. Pin them back with cute, colorful hairclips.

Highlight your hair. Get creative with your hair by putting a few streaks through it. Streaks around your bangs are the best place for emo-style hair.

Choose to have a few platinum blonde streaks. Or, go with hot pink, blue, or fiery red highlights. Method 2 of Apply dark eyeliner.

Usually, when people think emo, they think a lot of black eyeliner. Yeah, you can go against the stereotype, but you could also choose to rock it.

Take an eye pencil or liquid eyeliner and go all the way around your eyes. Wear bright eye shadow. First, apply a layer of pearl, silver, or light beige eye shadow to all over your eyelids.

Then, go with a pink, green, orange, or blue eye shadow. You can also stay on the dark side if you want. If so, use a shade of plum, black, or navy.

Put on black mascara. You can wear black mascara no matter what your gender is. One part of the beauty of being emo is that makeup is encouraged for all.

Apply a couple of layers of mascara. Make it as thick as you want. You can finish with an eyelash curler if you want to. Use a pale lip color. All of the attention should be on your beautiful and heavily lined eyes.

Apply a pale or nude lipstick. Or, to make it easy, leave your lips bare. Choose a matte foundation. A matte look is really popular in emo style.

Use a sponge to apply a powder or liquid foundation to your face. Method 3 of Make slight adjustments to the basic uniform.

If you wear a polo, wear a feminine cut or tight polo. Wear skinny pants instead of regular or loose fit pants. Wear a studded belt.

Studded belts are a pretty easy way to declare your style. They can be found at stores like Hot Topic. Wear two belts if you want to take it to the next level.

Put on several rubber or bangle bracelets. Wear a few bracelets, or enough to cover almost half of your arm. Bangle or multi-colored rubber bracelets are great.

You can also wear wristbands with your favorite brand, band, or movie logos. Decorate your backpack. Pierce it with safety pins. Find patches that show off your favorite bands, movies, and books.

This is also a good way to attract like-minded people. Wear glasses with thick rims. If you wear glasses, consider updating your frames to show off your style.

Black, thick-rimmed glasses would be a good way to go. You could also choose horn-rimmed glasses. Method 4 of Listen to emo music. Find other students that like the same music.

You can show off your musical taste through your accessories without saying a word. Be upfront about your emotions.

It means that you are open to vulnerability. Think deeply. No one hopefully can read your thoughts, but deep thinkers are noticeable to other people.

Thinking deeply will often make you seem like a quiet person which is a very emo trait , but it will also make you seem even more interesting when you speak.

Get in touch with your artistic style.

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